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Deb Newell, MPM® RMP® REALTOR®


Deb NewellDeb Newell, MPM® RMP® REALTOR® is the CEO/Broker of Real-Time Leasing. She started rehabbing investment properties as a hobby in 1998, turning over 35 properties in 4 years and keeping most of them as rental investments. As a result, in 2001 she began Real-Time Leasing. The once "hobby" of rehabbing has evolved into one of the leading property management companies in Minneapolis/St. Paul and the launch of Real-Time Property Services, a wholly owned subsidiary of Real-Time Leasing, which offers rehabbing and maintenance services to a variety of large real estate investment groups.

Real-Time Leasing is a member of the National Association of Property Managers (NARPM®); Deb has served as past NARPM® Governmental Affairs Vice-Chair and Chair and Regional Vice-President for the NE/NC Region and local Chapter President. She currently serves as a Board Director for SPAAR and serving her third term as Chair of RPAC, and is also Vice-Chair for 2017 (Chair for 2018) of NAR’s Property Management Forum.

Real-Time Leasing’s mission is that, “We Pledge to offer best-in-class customer service through leveraging technology, Real-Time communication, and ongoing education for both owner and tenant. We will continue to be the most respected leader in the industry and will strengthen our presence for property management services in each market”.

Deb and her extensive team of leasing agents, property managers and coordinators are committed to building a property management company unlike any out there. Focusing on customer service and building a quality brand that both owners and tenants will relate too.

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